Spread the water

Water helps make history. #spreadthewater


Encourage everyone to drink more water more often.


WATER WAS HERE: Highlight water as the unsung hero behind success. You are what you drink - and when you drink water, you drink up.

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Water. So Talented, Yet So Humble.

Drink Up A
Drink Up AE
Drink Up ALI

Albert Einstein Drinks Up

It turns out geniuses have more than just a thirst for knowledge #spreadthewater

Muhammad Ali Drinks Up

Even The Greatest had a little extra help in his corner #spreadthewater


Jim Elliott: Chief Creative Officer, Y&R NY || Mike Wente: Executive Creative Director, VML NY || Bruce Jacobson: Creative Director, Y&R NY || Alan Vladusic: Creative Director, Y&R NY || Harsh Kapadia: Senior Art Director, VML NY || Alice Thomas: Senior Copywriter, VML NY || Letitia Jacobs: Executive Director of Content Production, Y&R NY || David Mindel: Senior Graphic Designer, Y&R NY || Loni Pont: Art Buyer || Abby Bralove: Assistant Producer || Angela Granados, Joaquin Alvarez, Kate Schwed , Aahana Pereira : Interns - Creative team


2014 || Partnership for a Healthier America - which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama.